pole1 [pōl]
[ME < OE pal < L palus, PALE2]
1. a long, slender piece of wood, metal, etc. usually rounded [a tent pole, flagpole, fishing pole]
2. a tapering wooden shaft extending from the front axle of a wagon or carriage and attached by chains or straps to the collars of a span of horses
3. a unit of measure, equal to one rod in linear measure (5.029 m) or one square rod in square measure (25.29 sq m)
4. an assigned starting position at a racetrack, in the front row if there is more than one row and in the innermost lane
vt., vi.
poled, poling
1. to push along (a boat or raft) with a pole
2. to manipulate, impel, support, etc. with or as with a pole
under bare poles
with all sails furled because of high winds
pole2 [pōl]
[ME < L polus, pole of the heavens, heavens < Gr polos, axis of the sphere, firmament < pelein, to be in motion < IE base * kwel-, to turn > WHEEL]
1. either end of any axis, as of the earth, of the celestial sphere, of a mitotic spindle during cell division, etc.
2. the region around the North Pole or that around the South Pole
3. either of two opposed or differentiated forces, parts, or principles, such as the ends of a magnet, the terminals of a battery, motor, or dynamo, or two extremes of opinion, etc.
4. Embryology either of the two differentiated regions in the early embryo of many animals; specif., the animal pole containing little yolk and the vegetal pole containing most of the yolk
5. Math. a point or points with characteristic properties, as the point of origin of polar coordinates
poles apart
widely separated; having opposite natures, opinions, etc.; at opposite extremes

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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